Lauren Padgett, Matthew Purpora and Steven Bainbridge are Ebb & Nova, an acoustic trio formed in April of 2015. Although based in Manchester, they are for hire to play throughout the state and surrounding areas.

Matthew’s innovative guitar skills and the deep melancholic sounds of Steve’s cello, along with Lauren’s fluid, far-ranging vocals come together for a truly unique sound. Perfect for intimate weddings or smaller gatherings, yet, still lively enough to encourage your guests to get up and dance.

Even though they draw inspiration from many of their favorite artists, such as; Death Cab for Cutie, Coheed and Cambria and Yo-Yo Ma, the trio still prefers to not be restricted to one genre. This is evident in their diverse playlist.

Their covers include a plethora of artists, including; the Beatles, Patsy Cline, Carole King, all the way to more recent hits such as Budapest and Exs and Ohs. Ebb & Nova also write and perform original songs, including their crowd pleaser, ‘Willow’. Approximately 1/3 of the material performed is their own. An album of their original material is in the works, with early fall as a projected release date.

Their philosophy? “Music should be fun- if the audience is having fun, so are we”. The trio views music as a way to bring people together. Performing songs from various time periods and genres is done with hopes of bridging the gap between all their audience members. With a broad range of music, there is certain to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Currently, the Ebb & Nova is making their way through Maryland, appearing at many venues, but they are available for private events as well. Check out their website or Facebook page for more information about their schedule of events or to listen to samples of their music.