hotshots2What’s a Hotshot?
ManchesterMD.Life recently caught up with Hotshots coach Vince Corsaro (Coach Vince) to talk about the meaning of being a Hotshot.

ML: Who are the Hotshots?
VC: “The Hotshots Fastpitch organization is the girls Fastpitch Softball Club for the North Carroll Recreation Council. This year we will be fielding a total of 195 girls on 16 teams in age groups ranging from 6 year olds to 18 years old. Our teams play in varying levels of competitive play from recreational leagues to the highest levels of club travel ball. Our teams play as many games as the league or tournament schedule dictates. Our younger girls play 10 – 12 games a year while our highest level travel teams play 60 – 70 games a year. This year, for the first time we will be fielding a team of older girls who are either in college or older. Sometimes players don’t want to give up their playing career, and this is a good opportunity for them to continue to play and stay active in the game.

Being under the umbrella of the NCRC makes us different than most travel softball programs. Most of the teams that our travel teams compete against are private organizations with teams being run by paid coaches, with yearly playing fees of $1500 – $2000. Our coaches are all volunteers and we are able to keep our playing fees at more than half of the bigger organizations. But that doesn’t mean that our teams can’t compete against those other teams. Our teams do quite well for themselves. We win league and tournament championship every year”.


ML: How are the children of Hampstead and Manchester affected by the Hotshots?
VC: “Softball is a great game. Along with the basics of running, hitting and throwing, it teaches kids the importance of teamwork, personal responsibility, being a part of something successful and how to win with grace and lose with dignity. I know it sounds cliché, but being a part of a softball team makes these kids better people and teaches them how to be good adults. Our coaches insist that our kids stay out of trouble and concentrate on their schoolwork. These kids spend up to 9 months together with each other throughout the year. They play ball together and go to school together. They become very close and many stay friends for life”.

ML: What are the core values you feel are being instilled by being a member of the Hotshots?
VC: “Our core values are Leadership, Teamwork and Friendship. The things we try to instill in our players are traits that will bode well for them as they get older in life”.

ML: What fundraisers are planned for this year?
VC: “Like any social organization, fundraising is a big part of our yearly budget. It’s one of the ways we are able to keep our players fees as low as they are. Our 2 main fundraisers are our annual golf tournament, which is open to anyone, and our annual crab feast. We also hold other events like Paint nights at the MVFD and pancake breakfasts at Applebee’s”.


ML: Closing thoughts…
VC: “Nothing makes me feel better than when one of my former players passes me and says “Hi coach, how are you”? I am really proud to have been with the Hotshots for the past 6 years. I truly believe we are the biggest and the best softball organization in Central Maryland”

“The friends you meet playing on a softball team will be your friends for life…all things you can’t get from sitting in front of a video game”.
Thanks Coach Vince!