If you’ve lived in Manchester for a while or drive through the town on a regular basis, you are probably somewhat familiar with most of the local landmarks and history.

But did you know why Manchester was once called “Noodle Doosey” and “Gingercake Town”? Did you know that Manchester was the home of one of the first colleges in Carroll County?
Do you know which building was once a sewing factory? Or which was a cigar making factory? These answers along with so many more interesting facts about Manchester await you. Sound interesting? Then I suggest you take the self-guided Historical Walking Tour of Manchester.

The map for the tour can be obtained from the Town Office. Existing structures are labeled with numbers on the map, which correspond to a list containing the current and historical businesses associated with the buildings. Just pick a starting point, start walking, and match up the numbers- easy stuff!

The walking tour was created by the Community Projects Committee in 2002. It was dedicated to Charlotte Collett, a former Manchester Town Council Member and chairperson of the Community Projects Committee, who passed away in 2001. It was Charlotte’s dream to have a self- guided tour walking tour.

As you walk through the town, imagine it how it once was- a small town lined with residential log cabins and businesses. If you close your eyes and listen very carefully you may actually be able to hear the clap of horse drawn wagons as they ride through the town.



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