Coloring used to be reserved for children and the occasional adult who got to babysit them, but recently, the activity has found a different demographic- stressed adults.   More and more adults are turning to coloring to find relief from the hectic pace of daily life

There’s a reason the restaurant children’s menu often comes with an outline of illustrations and a bundle of crayons. Many times, coloring inside or somewhere in the vicinity of, the line is all it takes to channel and calm a child’s chaotic energy. Turns out, the same thing goes for grown-ups.

With this is mind, the North Carroll branch of the Carroll County Public Library will be hosting “Color Yourself Relaxed,a drop-in series on the fourth Tuesday of each month. A program designed to “color your stress away”.

The event will begin @ 630pm on Tuesday the 27th. Coloring books, colored pencils, hot chocolate and relaxing music will be provided.