Thunderstorms in Manchester

If you live anywhere in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or a nearby state, you’ve probably noticed that the weather hasn’t been so great for the past week. The storms have affected many areas across the East Coast, including Carroll County.

It has rained almost constantly since last weekend, and it seems this will continue for quite a while. The Weather Channel predicts that the thunderstorms will continue until at least August 9th, which isn’t great for anyone who enjoys sunshine.

Weather information from The Weather Channel (

Flash Flooding

Unfortunately, some of the worst rain fell last night, causing flash flooding in some parts of Carroll County, including Manchester.

This follows many flood watches and warnings issued repeatedly by the National Weather Service over the past couple of days.

Carroll County received a flood warning that began shortly after 8:00 this morning and ended at 11:07 AM. This warning covers the many areas that were affected, including Manchester, Westminster, Hampstead, and Eldersburg.

Carroll County flood warningCarroll County flood warning

Flood warning information from Google Public Alerts.

The flooding affected many areas throughout Carroll County, especially back roads and areas with less active maintenance.

This is a storm runoff drainage area in Manchester, as of 8:04 AM this morning. It is usually entirely empty.

Road Closures

Normally dry areas were inundated with water, including roads throughout Carroll County. This lead to several roads being closed, including a section of Md. 27.

Some roads were completely covered with water, which made them unpassable to vehicles and affected travel through the county throughout the past 16 hours.

Stay Safe

Flooding can be very dangerous, but there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself and your family in the event of severe weather conditions. Here are some recommendations from FEMA.

  • Stay away from floodwaters – half a foot of water is enough to knock over a person, and a foot can move a vehicle.
  • Try not to drive on bridges – especially ones near moving water.
  • Stockpile emergency supplies in case you are unable to leave your home.
    • Batteries
    • Food
    • Water
  • Have an evacuation plan so that you can leave within minutes if the flooding becomes too dangerous.
  • Listen to emergency alerts and pay attention to information about current weather conditions.

Check out for a detailed list of everything you should do to make sure you are safe during a flood. Stay safe Manchester!